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PVC stabilizer & lubricants.

Shivkrupa Industries have a large choice of standard products to fulfill your needs, and we're also ready to develop new specialized products to match our customer requirements.
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PVC Heat Stabilizers

The PVC industry is making the highest use of heat stabilizers, and PVC has by far the greatest need for heat stabilizers.

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Metallic Stearates

Metallic stearates are utilized as a lubricant and as a co-stabilizer for PVC in a variety of applications.

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Speciality Additives

Shivkrupa Industries is eager to work with you and give you high-quality, cost-effective DBLS, LS, and TBLS.

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Lubricants play an important part in the processing of PVC. Lubricants interact with other formulation ingredients.

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Shivkrupa Industries:
The Formula for Success

World Class Manufacturing Facility

Shivkrupa Industries manufactures PVC Heat Stabilizers, Metallic Stearates, Specialty Additives, and Lubricants in such a world-class plant.

Immediate Technical Support

With such impressive skills, our team assists customers in receiving timely Technical Support.

Materials are delivered on schedule

Our customers can always depend on a consistent and timely supply from us for their success.

ISO Certificate

UDYAM Certificate

Manufacturing Facilities for the highest quality

Shivkrupa Industries has a Manufacturing Facility for the highest quality plant for PVC stabilizers & lubricants, since 2011.
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Products that help in the growth of your company

Due to the fact that there is various competition in this industry, Shivkrupa Industries work hard to give our consumers quality products at affordable prices.

Because we are linked with our clients to offer their particular demands, we open up a whole new world of possibilities for you to go further, helping you in generating excellent products.

Lead Based One Pack Stabilizers

Since 2011, Shivkrupa Industries has been manufacturing high-quality One Pack Stabilizers.

CZ – Calcium Zinc Stabilizer

Shivkrupa Industries is now one of India's leading manufacturers of calcium-based stabilizers.

Individual Lead Stabilizers

Shivkrupa Industries has sharpened our manufacturing skills over time so that we are willing to improve the process of producing individual lead-based stabilizers.








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