WPC & Foam Boards

About Application

WPC foam board is a construction material that is both durable and safe.   Flooring, decking, railings, fences, landscaping, windows, doors, exterior or interior trim layers, manufacturing window, and door frames, constructing strong and well-designed structures, blending floor furniture, and so on are all applications for WPC doors.

Also, Increases productivity while lowering processing costs and providing superior mechanical and aesthetic characteristics.

Because their density is Arrhenius-type dependent on temperature and also the components, one pack stabilizers play a significant role in manufacturing uniform WPC & Foam Boards. Also, consistency in foam density, sheet thickness, and cell structure, as well as a perfect balance of heat stability, blowing ability, and lubrication.

Shivkrupa Industries One Pack Stabilizers ensure constant performance at the processing end, ensuring excellent strength, durability, weathering, and chemical resistance at the lowest possible processing cost.