LS(Lead Stearate)

LS(Lead Stearate)

Ammonium Chloride

Shivkrupa Industries has been producing high-quality LS(Lead Stearate) for a long time. Because it has only mild heat stabilizer characteristics when used alone, LS is primarily of interest as a lubricant in PVC compounds. It’s usually used in combination with other stabilizers. Lead Stearate also serves as an effective lubricant in a range of different industries.

Lead Stearate is a heavy metal salt of lead and stearic acid that is neutral. It serves as an excellent external lubricant and has a dual function of heat stability.

Because of the nature of the polymer, lubricants are required for the majority of PVC production procedures. Many of these processes benefit from the use of lead stearate as a lubricant.

Our satisfied customers motivate us to provide high-quality Lead Stearate that meets our customers’ expectations.