DBLS(DI a Basic Lead Sulphate)

DBLS(DI a Basic Lead Sulphate)


Because of its strong heat and UV radiation degradation resistance, DI – a Basic Lead Sulphate(DBLS) that is best used as a PVC stabilizer. The most popular and least expensive PVC stabilizer is DBLS. Shivkrupa Industries has refined its manufacturing capabilities throughout time, and we are eager to improve the process of producing DI a Basic Lead Sulphate, to meet the needs of our customers.

Dibasic Lead Stearate is a lubricant and heat stabilizer for PVC. It is crucial in the processing of PVC for lubrication at the extruder’s mixing and metering zone.

PVC Compounds, rigid PVC Pipes, Cables and Wires, PVC Profiles and Flooring, PVC Footwear, and Plastic Masterbatches are some of the most common uses for DI – a Basic Lead Sulphate (as heat stabilizers and lubricants). DI – a Basic Lead Sulphate contains both free lead oxide and free fatty acids.

Shivkrupa Industries has developed expertise in manufacturing DI a Basic Lead Sulphate)and ensuring quality consistency.